20 VC 015: Marketplaces, IPOs and the NY Startup Scene with Lisa Wu

Lisa Wu is Vice President at Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), where she focuses on early to late stage investments with emphasis on consumer internet. Before joining NVP, Lisa worked in Amazon’s Worldwide Corporate Development Team, in which she evaluated acquisition targets and identified strategies for potential expansion. Prior to Amazon, Lisa was at Bessemer Venture Partners. If that wasn’t enough Lisa also founded her own startup, Banzai! Fresh, providing high quality nutritious foods to schools and hospitals in Northern California. 

 Items Mentioned in Todays show: 


Lending Club

SkyBox Imaging




Love, Freedom and Aloneness by Osho 

 What you will learn in today’s show:

  • How Lisa got into the investing game?
  • Why Lisa is investing in marketplaces?
  • What Lisa’s normal investment size is?
  • Lisa’s most recent investment and why Lisa said yes?
  • Does Silicon Valley deserve the accolade it gets? Or is NYC fast approaching?
  • Do VCs investment attitudes differ when comparing SF to NYC?
  • How early is too early for Lisa to invest?
  • What was the one thing that propelled Lisa’s career?

We then move into a quick fire round where we hear Lisa’s thoughts on the best advice she has ever been given, the number 1 reason Lisa says no to startups and what Lisa would do if all she had was a laptop and $100!

20 VC 014: Acquired by Salesforce now VC with Kyle Lui

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Kyle Lui is Principal at DCM Ventures where he helps entrepreneurs scale their companies and advise on product development across IOT, consumer internet and mobile and enterperise Saas. Prior to DCM, Kyle was Co-Founder at ChoicePass, a enterprise perks and rewards Saas company backed by prominent angel investors, later acquired by Salesforce.com and Rypple. At Salesforce, Kyle served as Director of Product Management on the founding product team for Work.com, growing the business to over 1,000 enterprise customers.

Items mentioned in this episode:

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Kyle made the leap from Startup Founder to Venture Capitalist?
  • How did Kyle learn to code?
  • How did Kyle feel on selling ChoicePass to Salesforce?
  • What was it like working in such a large company, such as Salesforce?
  • How did your role change when Salesforce was acquired?
  • What was the most difficult element faced by Kyle in his time at ChoicePass?
  • Where does Kyle see the future of incentivising employees and how important is this aspect of corporate life?
  • When investing in a company what aspects really attract you to a deal and what can be a real red flag?
  • Are University and College degrees necessary for you to invest in a founder?
  • Is Kyle concerned that a potential increase in regulation could damage his investment in Eaze, medical marijuana delivery startup?

We conclude today’s show with a quick fire round where we hear Kyle’s thoughts on what Kyle would do if all he had was a laptop and $100, what advice Kyle would give to entrepreneurs starting a company?

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20 VC 013: Series A, Spark Labs and The Future of the Asian Tech Market with Frank Meehan

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Frank Meehan is Co-Founder and General Partner at Spark Labs Global seed fund where he has invested in 40 companies in the US, UK and Asia. Previously, Frank was part of Horizon Ventures where he represented them on the boards of Siri, Summly and Spotify, just to name a few.

Items mentioned in today’s show:


Horizon Ventures


Youth Digital


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How Frank made his entry into the technology industry and later the world of venture capital?
  • What Frank would recommend someone who is trying to learn to code?
  • Is coding necessary for a Founder to be successful?
  • What does Frank believe makes the perfect Series A round?
  • How early is too early to invest for Frank?
  • How do VCs compete for the most competitive rounds?
  • What was Frank’s most recent investment and why he said yes?
  • What sector is Frank most excited about and why?
  • When thinking of success, who is the 1st person that comes to Frank’s mind?
  • What Frank learnt from working at Horizon?

We then finish today’s episode with a quick fire round where we hear Frank’s thoughts on the future of the Asian tech market and the hardest decision of Frank’s career.

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20 VC 012: Angel Investing, Accelerators and AdTech with Clark Landry

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.36.04Clark Landry is Founder and Chairman at Shift, the leading social advertising network for brands. He is also Executive Chairman of GraphEffect, a prominent social media marketing firm. In recent years Clark has made his foray into the investing industry with investments in the likes of AngelList and Lettuce. In his short time investing in startups, Clark has achieved an incredible 10 exits.

Items Mentioned in today’s show:

Shift Platform



Limitless by Alan Glynn

The Black Tux


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How Clark made his entry into the world of tech and what caused his transition into angel investing?
  • The most valuable insight Clark has learnt from being both a Founder and an Investor?
  • How does Clark pick which startups to back, does he focus on any particular aspects of the company?
  • What sector Clark is most excited about and why?
  • How can someone make an entry into the tech startup world without having any coding ability?

We then finish the interview by hearing Clark’s thoughts the effectiveness of tech accelerators, his most recent investment and his favourite book.

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20 VC 011: London’s Early Stage Funding Scene with Thomas Jones

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A very exciting day on the 11th episode of The Twenty Minute VC as we welcome our 1st London based guest on the show, Thomas Jones. Thomas is Founder and Partner at Charlotte Street Capital, who invest up to £200,000 in early stage UK technology companies. Their impressive portfolio includes the likes of Chilango, GoSquared and SeedCamp, just to name a few. Prior to Charlotte Street Capital, Thomas was Founder and Executive Director of SMARTS Group International, offering a real time market surveillance platform, now used in dozens of stock exchanges around the world.

Items Mentioned in todays show:

In today’s session you will learn:

  • How Thomas made his entry into the world of Venture Capital?
  • When investing in a startup, do you have a mental timeline of the startup’s journey in your head with a clear strategy of when a desired exit will occur?
  • When it comes to investing, what really gets Thomas excited about the potential of a company?
  • What Thomas believes the main differences to be between VCs in Europe compared to the USA?
  • With the evolution of funding methods, how does Thomas see the ‘crowd’ becoming more involved in the future of early stage funding?
  • What advice Thomas would give to a graduate looking to make their entry into the industry?

We finish today’s episode with a quick fire round, where we hear Thomas’ immediate thoughts on the future of disruption.

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