20 VC 016: Y Combinator, Twitch.TV and SocialCam with Mike Seibel

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Mike Seibel has enjoyed the most incredible career in the technology industry on both the Founder and the VC side of the table. He was Co-Founder and CEO of Justin.TV which was part of the Y Combinator Winter Class of 2007, and was later acquired as Twitch.TV by Amazon for $970 million. In that time Mike also created a spin off from Justin.TV, SocialCam, where he was Co-Founder and CEO, culminating in their acquisition in 2012 for $60 million by Autodesk.

Items mentioned in Todays’ Show:

What you will learn in this episode?

  • How Mike got into the technology industry and later the tech accelerator business with Y Combinator?
  • Why Mike did not learn to code?
  • Mike’s own experiences in Y Combinator.
  • What is it that Y Combinator does to produce such amazing and revolutionary companies?
  • What does Demo Day look like at Y Combinator?
  • What is the selection process for choosing which companies to back and which not to?
  • What do you look for in the interviews with the Founders?
  • Are top level University degrees necessary for entry into the Y Combinator class?
  • What are Mike’s biggest red flags when looking at startups?
  • Why Mike would never outsource engineering?
  • What can startups do to prepare themselves for the Y Combinator process?
  • What sector is Mike really excited about and why?
  • What is a day in the life of a Y Combinator partner?

We then finish todays episode with a rapid fire round where we hear Mike’s thoughts on the best piece of advice Mike has received, the hardest decision Mike has had to make in his career, how can an individual start a company with no technical skills or experience?

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