20 VC 017: Nektarios Liolios of Startupbootcamp on Fintech, Pitching and London’s Tech Scene


Nektarios Liolios is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Fintech, the leading innovation program in the financial industry providing access to a global network of investors and VCs for up to 10 lucky startups selected. Nektarios himself has more than 15 years in business, having spent the last three with InnoTribe, running the Innotribe Startup Challenge.

Items mentioned in today’s show:

What you will learn in today’s episode:

  • How Nektarios got into the world of tech accelerators?
  • How Startupbootcamp Fintech varies from the traditional VC model?
  • What makes the best pitches at Demo Days?
  • What is the selection process to get accepted at Startupbootcamp?
  • What can startups prepare to do before pitching to Startupbootcamp?
  • What is the most common reason Nektarios says no to startups?
  • What would Nektarios advise someone who is looking to find a co-founder?
  • What sector is Nektarios most excited about for the future?
  • What Nektarios thinks about the future of bitcoin?

We then complete todays interview by having a quicker round where we hear Nektarios’ thoughts on his favourite entrepreneur? The happiest moment Nektarios has enjoyed in his career? A day in the life of a Managing Director of a Startupbootcamp? What was Nektarios’ most recent investment and why he said yes?

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