20 VC 018: Seed Stage Investing with Stefan Glaenzer of Passion Capital


Stefan Glaenzer is Founding Partner at Passion Capital an early stage VC fund who have invested in the likes of DueDil, GoCardless and CarThrottle. He is also Co-Founder of White Bear Yard, a co-working space in London’s East End. Prior to Passion, Stefan was Chairman of Last.fm, an early investor in Wahanda and remains an active member of their board and founder of Ricardo, which went public in 1999.

Items Mentioned in Todays Show:

What you will learn in today’s episode:

  • How Stefan got into the technology industry and later pivoted into the VC world?
  • What is Stefan’s preferred stage to enter into an investment and what is the standard amount invested in a startup?
  • How much equity Stefan would look for in an investment?
  • What interaction is typical for VCs following investing in a startup?
  • How individuals should pitch their idea to Stefan?
  • How many startups does Passion typically invest in on an annual basis?
  • Does Stefan encounter the fear on missing out on a startup?
  • What is it about the Peer to Peer lending sector that excites Stefan so much?
  • Does Peer to Peer have a brighter future than Crowdfunding?
  • What sector is Stefan most excited about and why?
  • How can an entrepreneur show their enthusiasm and make an awesome pitch?
  • Is there a formula for making a successful pitch?
  • What are Stefan’s red flags when a startup pitches to him?

As the interview concludes we ask Stefan some quick fire questions where we hear his thoughts on the hardest decision of his life? The best piece of advice Stefan has been given and his most recent investment and why he said yes?

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