Jason Calacanis: The World’s Greatest Angel Investor

Jason Calacanis is arguably the world’s greatest angel investor with over 60 investments including the likes of Uber (1st round), ThumbTack and Calm, just to name a few. Jason is also the Host of This Week In Startups, the world’s biggest startup podcast and Founder of Launch and Launch Festival, the world’s biggest startup festival.

In this interview we discuss, how Jason invested in Uber’s 1st round, what Jason looks for in startups, how Jason can tell whether a founder has got what it takes, which VC’s Jason most likes to work with, which entrepreneurs Jason most likes to invest in, what pisses Jason off more than anything, what inspires him more than anything, what industries will see the most disruption in the coming years, what makes a great entrepreneur and how startups can position themselves best for entering a round of funding.

Enjoy! All show notes, links and resources from this episode can be found at https://www.thetwentyminutevc.com and you can follow Harry, Jason and The Twenty Minute VC on Twitter.

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  • Great episode!! You did a great job interviewing him and wow does Jason know his stuff. Very entertaining podcast with some good takeaways. I must be honest that I wasn’t a big fan of Jason until this episode. He 100% redeemed himself and what a cool cat this guy is. He’s the real deal in the tech/vc space. Brought the goods!